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Wedding flower bouquets
and decorations

Wedding décor plays a prominent role in setting the right tone for your special day. It’s not just a beautiful background for pictures that will bring back memories, but it all helps to create magical atmosphere.
At Flower Empire, we do not have package offers as we believe that each wedding is unique.
We provide a wide variety of beautiful wedding settings to choose from, the following services can be added based on your dreams!
fresh flower dress
For brides who prefer something special, we have an exclusive service – fresh flower dress (only for the photoshoot)
For more information please contact us at
We’re always open to new ideas, let’s create something truly special together!
Bridal bouquet
Finding a beautiful bouquet for a wedding is not difficult, but choosing the perfect option that would be in harmony with the bride's image is a whole challenge. To make this daunting choice, you need to focus on two main points: what flowers are popular at the moment and what composition will suit your wedding style.
Wedding accessories
  1. Bridal Bouquet
  2. Groom boutonniere
  3. Flower crown
  4. Corsages
  5. Bridal car decor
  6. Bridesmaids bouquet
Wedding church decoration
  1. Guest table arrangement
  2. Wedding arch decoration
  3. Vip table decoration
  4. Pew decorations
  5. Chairs décor
Wedding Venue
  1. Wedding arch
  2. Wedding wall
  3. Altar table + flower pillow
  4. Guest table arrangement
  5. Venue arrangement small décor
  6. Medium décor
  7. Luxury high vase
  8. Flower peacock
  9. Flower cake
Wedding decoration: stylish solution from Flower Empire

Wedding decoration: stylish solution from Flower Empire Getting ready for a wedding is an exciting period during which happy couples, inspired by stylish ideas from Instagram and Pinterest, have the opportunity to think over the decoration of the celebration with flower arrangements to the smallest detail. However, modern wedding decoration is not only the hall decoration. This is the creation of an original bouquet for the bride, the choice of the boutonniere format for the groom, the design of the exit ceremony, the preparation of flower arches, the decoration of tables and serving items.
One of the key trends that characterize the wedding floristry of the current season is the use of fresh flowers.
Among them:
  • ranunculus, dahlias, lisianthus;
  • chrysanthemums, peony roses, succulents, etc.

The restaurant and ceremony area decorations evoke vivid feelings of the couple and guests because the atmosphere will be filled with fragrance and colors.
Wedding decoration with flowers in Singapore
Some couples love the traditional, elegant design, while others love the ultra-modern floristry represented in fashionable wedding magazines. Taking this into account, Flower Empire specialists take an individual approach to work with each customer, and in accordance with his ideas about the ideal wedding ceremony, they offer an original, stylish, and effective decoration of the celebration with flowers.
Professional approach
Flower Empire studio offers to order wedding ceremony decoration services. Our professional team of staff has extensive experience in preparing for your wedding in Singapore. We offer an integrated approach: we decorate the banquet hall with fresh flowers, make a bouquet for the bride, boutonnieres for the groom, and much more. Florists-designers of the Flower Empire studio will do their best to achieve the perfect result for decorating a festive event. It is recommended to place an order for wedding floristry services in advance. Our craftsmen will take time to develop a general concept for the celebration, choose the type, variety, and shades of flowers, agree on all the details. Visit our website and order your wedding decoration from Flower Empire today. Experienced consultant managers will answer any organizational questions by phone indicated on the website.
How to choose a bouquet to match the style of the bride?
It often happens that girls order the same bouquet from florists as they liked in the photo on the Internet. And already at the wedding, they notice that it does not look at all as colorful as we would like. And the point is not that the specialist has done his job poorly, just many do not think about the need to select flowers for the general context of the wedding. And for this, it is worth figuring out which compositions are best suited for different styles.

Rustic is a popular wedding style today. It is very important that the composition looks slightly casual and natural as if you have just picked these flowers in a clearing. Therefore, for such a bouquet, eustoma, miniature carnations, bells, lilies of the valley are better suited.

Boho is a style that is characterized by audacity, boldness, and joy. He does not tolerate anything that could interfere with comfort, therefore, the bouquet must be appropriate. Boho wedding arrangements necessarily consist of anthuriums, orchids, and succulents.

Vintage style includes antiques. It is distinguished by its special charm and tenderness. A bouquet for such a wedding should be modest, uncomplicated, and fully match the bride's dress. Violets, hydrangea, jasmine, peonies, and pansies are perfect.

The classics never go out of style. As a rule, such compositions consist of roses, lilies, zinnia, calla lilies, eustoma. It is very important that the shape of the bouquet resembles a ball or hemisphere.

If you want not just to buy a bridal bouquet, but to get a unique composition, Flower Empire will help you make your dream come true. Our florists are constantly learning, making up new options for wedding compositions. That is why every bride will be able to find the perfect bouquet that will harmoniously emphasize her beauty and complete the look.
Where can you buy a bridal bouquet in Singapore?
Flower Empire is a place where all the girls' dreams come true. Professional florists will compose the perfect bridal bouquet and a delicate miniature boutonniere for the groom so that on the most important day of your life, everything looks truly perfect. The main advantages of our online flower shop are:

  • an individual approach to each order;
  • the possibility to order online;
  • a large assortment of colors;
  • the ability to make any bouquet of your choice;
  • free shipping in Singapore.

A wedding is a moment of happiness that should not be overshadowed by anything. This day will be the best in your life with our flowers!