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Wedding flower bouquets
and decorations

Wedding décor plays a prominent role in setting the right tone for your special day. It’s not just a beautiful background for pictures that will bring back memories, but it all helps to create magical atmosphere.
At Flower Empire, we do not have package offers as we believe that each wedding is unique.
We provide a wide variety of beautiful wedding settings to choose from, the following services can be added based on your dreams!
fresh flower dress
For brides who prefer something special, we have an exclusive service – fresh flower dress (only for the photoshoot)
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We’re always open to new ideas, let’s create something truly special together!
Bridal bouquet
Finding a beautiful bouquet for a wedding is not difficult, but choosing the perfect option that would be in harmony with the bride's image is a whole challenge. To make this daunting choice, you need to focus on two main points: what flowers are popular at the moment and what composition will suit your wedding style.