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flower box, vases

Flower box
Flowers are a particular sign of attention, an excellent gift for both men and women, relatives and colleagues, people of all ages and occupations.

What if you would like to present an unusual gift? Today, beautiful flower arrangements in stylish boxes of various sizes and shapes, often complemented by soft toys, fruits, cookies, or other sweets, are trendy.

Delicate bouquets in a box became popular relatively recently. Still, they immediately won special recognition and love, and to this day, the compositions from the Flower Empire salon look stylish and relevant.

A beautiful flower bouquet in a box is always formed with a floral sponge. The sponge, which securely fixes the flower stems, is made of synthetic materials, impregnated with a unique solution and water, and placed in boxes, baskets, or vases.
Varieties of flower bouquets in boxes
Floristic compositions in boxes are conventionally divided into the following groups:

  • wedding design. Floral masterpieces specially selected for a beautiful celebration. Graceful bouquets of pink, white, cream shades that emphasize purity and sincerity of intentions, as well as awe and tenderness of feelings, are usually created in interior vases;
  • birthday, anniversary. A florist will help to formulate many wishes for the birthday person in the language of flowers, to express the appropriate mood, warm attitude, feelings;
  • romantic bouquet. Composition for lovers, a loved one in an original heart-shaped box or with unusual additions;
  • compliment bouquet, VIP composition. It is chosen as an independent gift or an addition to the main present. A compliment in the form of flowers in a box is an original way to express your admiration for those who are especially dear to you;
  • interior decor. The best decoration for a stylish apartment is a gorgeous bouquet of beautiful flowers in an original box.
Flower Empire: designer flower boxes in Singapore
On the Flower Empire company website, you can order and buy luxury flower boxes, author's floral compositions, flower decor in a vase, with delivery to the specified address in Singapore. You can place an order on the website or by phone.
Flower boxes from Flower Empire are of the unique style and sophisticated aesthetics, delightful flower compositions that will pleasantly surprise the recipient and also decorate even the most extravagant interior.