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mono bouquets

Mono bouquet
Mono bouquet: beauty that does not require decorative addition
Any flower is beautiful and attractive in its own way. And by bringing together several buds of the same type and color, you can get, on the one hand, an ordinary, but at the same time touching and unique floristic composition - a mono bouquet.

There is no eye-catching accent in such bouquets. The main idea is to highlight the real beauty of flowers of the same kind. Basically, the popularity is occupied by flowers of the same shade, but the presence of two different, but close in color, shades of buds is also allowed.

Also, a unique role in such compositions is played by discreet packaging, which should not attract the eye, but only complement the flowers.
Mono-bouquets without packaging are also popular. In this case, flowers that are the same size of buds and length of stems are simply gathered together or tied with a thin ribbon.
What is the true beauty of mono bouquets
The natural beauty of the mono bouquets from Flower Empire is the modern look. Despite all the simplicity of such a composition, laconic and strict design, minimalism, the bouquet looks incredibly gentle and romantic. It is in it that the peculiar elegance and luxury inherent in each flower lies.

In addition, you can buy a mono bouquet without reference to floristic fashion and trends - such a flower design will be relevant at any time. After all, simple beauty will not lose its popularity, and the real beauty of flowers does not need decor or additional decoration.

Why buy a mono bouquet with delivery in Singapore at Flower Empire studio
Our flower shop offers an extensive selection of bouquets of one kind of flowers. Look at the catalog. In it you will find various compositions from the most popular flowers - bouquets of roses, tulips, hydrangeas. You can also find modest, discreet mono bouquets.

Flower Empire studio decorates flowers in high-quality packages that subtly complement the beauty of the composition, emphasize simplicity and elegance.

Please note that you can order an individual bouquet of the desired flowers and their shades from us, the number of buds, the required packaging. In addition, we advise you to use the flower delivery service from the Flower Empire studio. Your order will be delivered as soon as possible to the specified address, keeping its freshness and festive look.