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Floral design in Singapore

Flower Empire is a floral design company that specializes in creating original, elegant and high quality fresh flower arrangements. Flower Empire provides a variety of services:
Our mission is to inspire to give flowers without any occasion, just for pleasure!
Bouquet and Flower box doorstep delivery in Singapore
Same day bouquet and flower box delivery
Weekly fresh flowers delivery for private and corporate clients
Private and Corporate events decoration
We’re always open to new ideas, let’s create something truly special together!
Wedding décor
Bespoke Florist in Singapore
Close your eyes, imagine that you are inhaling the scent of delicate peonies, modest tulips, exquisite lilies, graceful and luxurious roses. Do you remember the sweet and slightly spicy smells of dried flowers? Their light sensual aromas are dizzy and redolent, and their shades fill the mood with sunny summer colors. Hear the pleasant rustle of wrapping paper? This kingdom of Flower Empire is the place where the most delightful and exclusive bouquets are born.
Order an exclusive bouquet - don't look for a reason
Floral etiquette implies that it is customary to give expensive flowers either on a special occasion or as a sign of serious intentions. Such a surprise is inherently obligatory, although it is intended to evoke delight and joy.

Our masters will prepare an original premium composition for:
  • anniversary;
  • weddings;
  • engagement;
  • love confession;
  • any event decoration.
The competence of Flower Empire employees allows us to create a business class presentation for respected and valuable business partners.

Luxury bouquets include not only rare and unusual flowers. They are created using a completely different technology, when the florist uses peculiar techniques, uses an impressive decor, creates a fancy shape, carefully selects the types of flowers, and concisely combines their arrangement.
Where to buy luxury bouquets in Singapore?
Flower Empire company was established in 2016 to provide a premium service for producing and delivering bouquets and flower arrangements in Singapore. You will be delighted with our floral assortment. You can be sure that your family and friends will be glad to receive a gift. Order flowers in Flower Empire online store - please your loved ones.

On the site, you will find a large selection of exclusive premium bouquets created by the best florists in Singapore. Also, when creating luxury bouquets, special attention is always paid to the quality and beauty of the flower. Our florists always carefully monitor the freshness of flowers, so buying even a small bouquet from a studio in Singapore, you can always be sure that its quality is of the highest class.
Luxurious bouquets are the best gift!
Using the website catalog, you can select ready-made compositions and order them with delivery to the specified address. If you want to buy exclusive bouquets in which you want to
display your wishes, our florists will gladly listen to them. Based on your requests, an individual concept will be developed, according to which all your ideas will be succinctly collected in a bouquet. Our staff will help you decide on the type of flowers and help you create an extraordinary composition for any festive event.

We offer VIP bouquets with prompt delivery. We can arrange delivery to the office or home at the exact time specified. The salon uses only fresh flowers that are free from defects. The assortment offers the broadest possible choice, which allows you to order luxury bouquets with delivery in Singapore for every taste.

Regardless of the season, we are ready to offer you the unique flowers that will allow you to order a genuinely memorable bouquet. It will definitely bring unforgettable emotions for the person you have chosen. With their help, you will also be able to emphasize the high status of the addressee. To order, you can contact us by phone or place an order through the site’s online form.