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FLOWER basket

Flower basket
Flower baskets differ from ordinary bouquets in their refined, delicate and refined beauty in their own way. In such compositions, there is a special zest, which is expressed both in the bouquet’s arrangement and in the packaging’s originality - the basket. Such flowers are capable of evoking only pleasant and warm emotions in the gifted person. The basket of flowers is very convenient to transport, the bouquet does not need a container with water. In addition, such a composition can be a very original piece of furniture.
Why should you present flowers in a basket?
A flower arrangement in a basket is an original and fashionable gift. It will be appropriate as a birthday present for both a woman and a man. Such a basket can be presented on the occasion of a significant event such as a wedding, promotion, graduation. But the obligatory nuance when choosing a flower basket is the flowers themselves. They must be selected considering the gift-giving etiquette, so you should definitely inform the florist who and for what reason you need the composition.
Luxurious, elegant baskets full of flowers and surprises: Flower Empire author's compositions
Our masters are true connoisseurs of floristry, possessing a delicate taste, professional ability to combine inflorescences, greens, exotic plants into one complete original composition that carries a substantial positive energy potential, brings joy, causes real delight.

Flower Empire offers a wide variety of bouquets for every taste and preference, decorated in baskets of different shapes, sizes, and colors. A variety of bouquets of fresh flowers in baskets, which top-class masters of Flower Empire collect, are of high quality, with original floristic components and a creative approach to each composition.

It is enough to choose the flower basket you like from the presented catalog, and go to the ordering page. Just a couple of minutes of filling out the fields, and the studio manager will immediately contact you, clarify the details, and tell you when the bouquet will be delivered. If you have not found a suitable option, then be sure to contact us by the phone numbers indicated on the website, tell us your preferences, and get your unique floral masterpiece from our masters, and free delivery in Singapore will be pleasant bonus to your order.