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Order bouquet

Order flowers - present a good mood!
Flowers are beautiful creations created by nature itself. They are extraordinary in shape and size, colors and smells, and how many legends are associated with them! Floral gifts have always been appreciated, and the language of flowers can say much more than words. And, of course, a bouquet can always cheer you up, it is always appropriate with or without reason.

What we take into account when drawing up a flower arrangement
Before starting to create designer bouquets to order, the Flower Empire masters communicate with each client. During the dialogue, we learn essential nuances that help us better understand the final result.

When composing a designer bouquet, the following must be taken into account:

  • The color scheme is calm, restrained pastel or contrasting - juicy, bright. Voicing their wishes, clients most often argue the choice with the preferences of the recipient. We, in turn, can adjust the colors taking into account additional factors.
  • The reason and the addressee - a flower gift for a mother or beloved will be radically different from a present for a boss or colleague. When composing bouquets, we consider the event to which the gift is timed and, depending on the occasion, we advise the optimal amount and type of fresh flowers.
  • Personal wishes - may relate to packaging, decorative elements, forms of designer bouquets. We offer various materials to help complete the look and make it perfect.

On special days, we want to please family and friends, business partners and friends, and online flower shops are the best helper in this situation. Ordering flowers through the Flower Empire online store is an excellent opportunity to make your loved ones happy. Choose a bouquet right now and place an order on our website or by phone.

Flower Empire provides a premium service for the delivery and production of flower arrangements in Singapore. The store's florists take into account everything down to every last detail when choosing flowers so that the bouquet comes out beautiful. And our courier service makes every effort to ensure that free delivery of flowers to your home or office brings the best feelings to recipients.

Didn't find a suitable bouquet in our catalog? Our florists will create a composition according to your preferences!
We employ specialists who have been creating stunning masterpieces of flowers for many years. Therefore, if you want to present an unusually beautiful bouquet that you will not find anywhere else, we can easily fulfill this desire. After all, custom-made flowers are our work, and we work for you!
Wedding decoration with flowers in Singapore
Some couples love the traditional, elegant design, while others love the ultra-modern floristry represented in fashionable wedding magazines. Taking this into account, Flower Empire specialists take an individual approach to work with each customer, and in accordance with his ideas about the ideal wedding ceremony, they offer an original, stylish, and effective decoration of the celebration with flowers.
Professional approach
Flower Empire studio offers to order wedding ceremony decoration services. Our professional team of staff has extensive experience in preparing for your wedding in Singapore. We offer an integrated approach: we decorate the banquet hall with fresh flowers, make a bouquet for the bride, boutonnieres for the groom, and much more. Florists-designers of the Flower Empire studio will do their best to achieve the perfect result for decorating a festive event. It is recommended to place an order for wedding floristry services in advance. Our craftsmen will take time to develop a general concept for the celebration, choose the type, variety, and shades of flowers, agree on all the details. Visit our website and order your wedding decoration from Flower Empire today. Experienced consultant managers will answer any organizational questions by phone indicated on the website.