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Designer bouquet
For a special occasion, it is necessary to present the appropriate flowers to emphasize the significance of the event and the sincere feelings experienced towards the addressee. For such an occasion, the florists of our online store have developed many original ideas, embodied in wonderful fragrant compositions. In the section design bouquet you will find unusual proposals that will undoubtedly conquer with their stylistic content and harmonious combination of color diversity.
It is simply impossible to look away from such a bouquet, and one wants to consider it, admire it forever. Such flower arrangements are not just a few branches of plants, packed or unpacked. Flower Empire designer bouquets are made with the utmost care; each of them contains a piece of the florist's soul. They can be presented for a holiday or a solemn event or just a sign of attention, expressing love, fidelity, tenderness of feelings.

The company's Flower Empire website presents ready-made bouquets of M, L, XL, and XXL sizes and exclusive flower boxes. Residents of Singapore can also order designer bouquets of flowers in our salon. We cannot say how the compilation field will look like, because the final result depends on the plants you ordered, the floral decor and the florist's imagination.

Drawing up a designer bouquet with us
The Flower Empire company employs professional florists with excellent artistic taste. Thanks to this, exclusive bouquets are distinguished by originality and will be made in various styles. When drawing up designer flower arrangements, plants of unusual varieties and color palettes are used.
Each individual element of the floral ensemble is selected especially carefully, taking into account the compatibility of varieties, shades, size and shape of the buds, the style of the celebration for which the bouquet is being prepared.

We offer beautiful flower arrangements from designers, which can be ordered without leaving their home.
Order a designer bouquet

The online catalog of the Flower Empire online store contains a large selection of various elite flower arrangements. They are distinguished by their harmonious appearance, freshness and excellent aroma. The advantages of cooperation include prompt delivery in Singapore, optimal price, and a flexible payment system. The store offers a wide assortment of bouquets, distinguished by freshness, bright colors, and great aroma. You can place an order on the official website.