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The Beauty of Peonies: The Different Varieties and Colors

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Luxury flowers in Singapore are incomplete without peonies, which are highly esteemed among flower enthusiasts for their exquisite and luxuriant petals that bloom in a myriad of hues and forms. Revered since ancient times in China as a symbol of affluence and high status, these charming blooms carry a storied past. This article delves into the splendor of peonies, highlighting the various types and colors that have earned them such a coveted position in the world of flora.

The Three Main Types of Peonies: Herbaceous, Tree, and Intersectional

The peony genus comprises three primary classifications, namely herbaceous, tree, and intersectional variations.

Herbaceous peonies, widely prevalent, are available in a diverse spectrum of colors, and their abundant foliage contributes to their bushy appearance. They blossom during the interlude between late spring and early summer, providing a lively burst of color to the scenery.

Tree peonies, on the other hand, are arboreal shrubs that bloom stunningly large flowers during late spring, with a commanding presence that demands attention.

Intersectional peonies, or Itoh peonies, are a hybridization of herbaceous and tree types, creating sizeable flowers upheld by robust stems.

Exploring the Different Varieties of Herbaceous Peonies

Within each peony classification, there exists an abundance of varieties, each showcasing distinct and exceptional traits.

Among the herbaceous cultivars, Sarah Bernhardt reigns supreme as a quintessential pink beauty with intricately ruffled petals. Coral Charm, another popular herbaceous variant, dazzles with its vibrant coral hue, which gracefully fades into a softer tone as it matures.

The tree peony family flaunts a rich palette of colors, including white, pink, red, and yellow, with Kinkaku, a Japanese breed, stealing the spotlight with its radiant yellow blooms and striking dark green leaves.

Intersectional peonies are renowned for their unique and diverse color spectrum, exemplified by Bartzella, a variant boasting large, zesty lemon-yellow flowers, exuding a delightful aroma.

The Many Colors of Peonies

Peonies come in a range of colors, including white, pink, red, and yellow. White peonies are classic and elegant, making them a popular choice for weddings and other formal occasions. The Festiva Maxima is a popular white variety, featuring large, fragrant flowers with ruffled petals.

The chromatic spectrum of peonies comprises a wide range of colors, such as white, pink, red, and yellow. White peonies, a timeless and sophisticated choice, are often the preferred option for formal events and weddings. Among the popular white variants, Festiva Maxima stands out, characterized by its generous size, aromatic blooms, and ruffled petals that add a touch of enchantment to any setting.

Amongst the peony genus, pink variations are undeniably the most sought-after, presenting a vast spectrum of hues ranging from delicate blush to intense magenta. The Sarah Bernhardt, as mentioned earlier, is a quintessential pink variant, celebrated for its elegantly ruffled petals and soft shade. Conversely, the Coral Sunset boasts a more exuberant coral hue, strikingly bold and vibrant.

Red peonies radiate an audacious and striking demeanor, bestowing a statement-making aura upon any floral arrangement or garden bed. A popular red cultivar, the Red Charm, is distinguished by its sumptuous, velvety petals, imbued with a luscious and dynamic depth of color.

Lastly, yellow peonies provide a distinctive burst of color to any floral arrangement or garden, imbuing a vibrant and lively energy. The Lemon Chiffon, a popular yellow variant, showcases large and effervescent lemon-yellow flowers, which emit a delightful fragrance, adding a refreshing touch to the atmosphere.

The Timeless Beauty of Peonies

Peonies are beloved for their exquisite beauty and alluring fragrance, rendering them a ubiquitous choice for both floral compositions and garden adornments. Their lush, delicate petals, paired with a diverse palette of colors, impart remarkable versatility to these stunning flowers, making them a suitable option for any occasion. Whether it be the timeless sophistication of white peonies or the dynamic impact of red, there exists a peony for every aesthetic preference.

Beyond their visual allure, peonies boast an extensive history and cultural importance. In ancient China, they were held in high esteem as a symbol of wealth and affluence, while in Japan, they were revered as an emblem of honor and prestige. Western cultures have forged a deep-seated association between peonies and romance, rendering them a favored selection for weddings and other romantic celebrations.


Undoubtedly, the appeal of peonies is beyond compare. Their delicate petals and broad spectrum of colors have captured the hearts of many. Whether you are looking to embellish your garden with a burst of colors or curate a romantic floral arrangement, peonies serve as an excellent choice. So, why not indulge in the beauty of these magnificent blooms and add a touch of elegance to your life?

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