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About me

Some people come to creativity by accident, others choose their profession purposefully. My relationship with creativity started from early childhood and it seems I didn’t have a single chance to not dedicate myself to flowers.
My mum was a clothes designer and I was carefully watching every day how gracefully and expertly she treated her stacks of patterns, metres of fabric and ready dresses, which transformed women and gave them faith in their beauty and femininity. She decorated her dresses with gorgeous ribbons, lace and luxurious accessories.
I was dreaming, of course, that one day my hands and my imagination would be capable of creating such beauty out of nothing. Years were passing by and I was continuously looking for something of my own: from interior designer to decorator, and from stylist to florist.
Only floristry made me feel like an absolute creator and helped me find my vocation. It is both art and hard work, where I develop and grow every single day, always exploring new trends, participating in important events and top educational programs.
I have been a florist for 10 years and every year my flower bouquets become more beautiful and complex, and my project list is constantly being topped up with decors of premises, celebratory events and unique photo projects with flower accessories and outfits.
I know that upcoming years will be full of new projects that I will prepare for you with great pleasure and privilege!